Forever Lost

by Rita Reimers

max kittyMany years ago when I was living in uptown Charlotte NC, I discovered a lovely feral cat living on the grounds of my apartment complex. Before long, she starting coming to my patio with 2 tiny kittens in tow. Somehow she knew I would be a soft touch and an easy meal; she was right.

I began leaving food and water for her and the kittens. Momma cat allowed herself to get fairly close to me, but she would leave her kittens behind and carry food back to them. At least at first. I began to sit closer to the food and talk to her while she ate, and soon she would bring the kittens within a few feet of me. As we continued this daily ritual, over the next few weeks I was able to sit right next to the plate of food while the kittens ate. They would even enjoy a few ear scratches, too.

After a few weeks, momma cat began bringing her kittens right up to my doorstep, and leaving. It was as if she was trying to give them to me, and I felt that I had to bring these little fluff balls inside. After much coaxing, I finally managed to get Honey, the baby calico, and Max, the handsome grey and white boy, into my apartment. Once momma saw that I took her babies inside, sadly she stopped coming around.

Getting through their initial panic of walls, a concept they didn’t understand and which drove them to literally try to climb up those walls, took time and patience. Once I tamed them down, a coworker friend adopted Honey, and Max joined my cats Precious and Sebastian and became part of my cat family. A very shy and sweet cat, I always felt he was just a little uneasy being inside.

lost catThree years later after moving to another city, Max made his escape after slitting open the screened in porch at my condo. Luckily none of my other cats escaped, but Max was gone and I was heartbroken. I put up flyers, walked all over the area, knocked on many doors, and cried a lot of tears. Although a few people called and had spotted him, I was never able to find him and bring him back home.

max catIt’s been 15 years now since Max made his great escape. I have never stopped wondering if he found a new home, I have never stopped worrying about him, and I have never stopped missing his sweet little face. Often I’ve wondered why there were no pet tracking devices available; having something like that would have made all the difference in Max’s fate. Even if a cat has a microchip, people don’t try to catch a stray cat and reunite them with their owners, as they would with a stray dog. Most people who see a cat running loose outside assume it to be neighbor’s outdoor cat.

If my Max had a Pet Tracker Tagg, which is essentially a GPS for your pet, it would have made all the difference in this story. I would have been able to see exactly where he was, I could have found him immediately, and he would have lived to be a ripe old age at home with me where he belongs.

Max is forever missed and he will never be forgotten.

(Note: the photos in the article are actually of our Oliver. Photos of Max were lost long ago, sadly, and Oliver is a look-alike of Max.)

cat vetAs owner of a pet sitting company that visits only cats, I am often asked questions about cats and their health needs. The number one question I hear all the time from both clients and friends alike is “Does my cat need to see the vet?”

My first response is always YES! No one knows your cat better than you do, so if that question is even crossing your mind, then you already suspect something is wrong.

Sometimes it’s a subtle shift in behavior that perhaps someone who doesn’t know your cat well would not even notice. One reason we assign one primary cat sitter to each of our clients at Just For Cats Pet Sitting is so they get to know your cats well enough to notice these subtle signs.

But sometimes things are more obvious. Here are some tell-tale signs that your cat is in need of medical attention:

  • Decreased Appetite is the number one sign that something is wrong. If your cat is not eating or drinking, this can be a sign that your cat is ill, and this should not be taken lightly. Just 3 days without food could result in Fatty Liver Disease, which is very serious and often fatal.
  • Lethargy is another sign something is going on that could be a medical problem, such as Urinary Blockages or Anemia.
  • Increased Urination and Thirst could indicate Feline Diabetes or the beginning stages of Kidney Failure, to name a few possibilities.
  • Decreased Urination might be caused by urinary blockages such as Crystals or Stones, a Urinary Tract Infection or even the chronic urinary tract disease known as FLUTD.
  • Urination Outside The Box could be a behavior issue but it also could indicate a medical issue, like the ones mentioned above. Before soliciting the assistance of a Cat Behavorist, be sure to rule out any organic causes first. Also please refer to my Behavior Blog, where I wrote an article about Litter Box Avoidance and tips to keep your kitty “going” inside the box.

I cannot stress enough: If you think something is wrong, you are probably right! A check up with your veterinarian will give you both peace of mind.

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One of my clients called me recently, panic filled her voice.  She had recently added a new cat to her feline family, and the rescue organization gave her “the talk” about pet foods.  “My cats are so picky, they just won’t eat those fancy cat food brands. Am I going to make them sick if I […]

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January 19, 2010

On a cold and rainy day like today, I can’t help but think of all those homeless kitties living outside, unable to come in from the elements, unable to find food, unable to find warmth, unable to find love. More cats than ever before are homeless, in part due to this economy. It’s one thing to think of […]

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The Holidays are almost here!

October 16, 2009

The holidays are upon us again, and in all the excitement and rushing around we sometimes forget about our furry companions. Decorations, holiday preparations, and parties might be fun, but they can create dangers and stress for both you and your cat. Please consider the following as you prepare for the festivities, so you and […]

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City Cats – Dangers for Outdoor Kitties

September 27, 2009

When I was just 19 years old, I was driving home from work on a very dark winter night in Buffalo, New York, when I saw something dart across the road. It was a rabbit, and I couldn’t stop in time on the icy road. I hit it, and I cried all the way home. […]

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The trouble with Trouble the cat!

August 30, 2009

I have a 10-year-old brother/sister pair of brown tiger tabby cats named Trouble and Sweet Pea. They are both wonderful kitties, great in temperament but as different as night and day. Sweet Pea is a docile kitty and is very true to her name!  It’s rare to see her act any other way than as the […]

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Weruva is KING for finicky kitties. It’s Paw Lickin’ Good!

August 28, 2009

I have a houseful of cats, as you no doubt know by now. They range in age from the nearly 6-month-old Peanut to 15-year-old Precious, ten in total. The problem is they don’t always like the same food. Imagine me at meal time with 10 mouths meowing as 20 eyes look up at me, begging […]

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Urinary Tract Blockages Can Be Deadly, Laddie’s Story

August 27, 2009

My friend and fellow pet sitter Jane called me last week to discuss a situation with a cat she was sitting. She was very concerned. Laddie had been acting oddly, not eating, hiding instead of greeting her at the door. He just wasn’t his usual self. Jane was in communication with his owner, but it […]

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Illness in a Multi Cat Household

August 24, 2009

As you know, I share my happy home with 10 wonderful felines. No, I didn’t set out to become the “Kra-zee Kat Lady” but I have accomplished that station in life nonetheless. I love each and every one of my kitties and I could not imagine my life without any of them. But over the […]

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Sadie’s Heart, Loving and Losing our Beloved Cat Companions

May 26, 2009

Rita Reimers, Owner of Cats 90210 Professional Cat Sitting Service (, lost her beloved Sadie kitty in January of 2009. After spending a week in bed, filled with pain, guilt, and grief with nowhere to turn to find other people who have been through it, she decided to write a book about the experience. A sequel […]

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