Rita Reimers, Founder/CEO , Cat Behaviorist

Cat Behaviorist Rita and Lovey

Meet Rita Reimers, Cat Behavior Expert
Rita has always been drawn to animals, cats in particular. And they have always been drawn to her. She possesses a unique ability to communicate with and understand the tender nature of cats. Rita has been a cat communicator since she was a child, and she now shares her home with cats of all ages and temperaments.

Rita has been interviewed for and quoted in the upcoming March 2014 issue of Cat Fancy, as well as in the CATS USA ANNUAL 2014, and an upcoming issue of KITTENS USA 2014, due out in April 2014.

“I never met I cat I couldn’t help,” says Rita. “I understand cats and their subtle ways of letting us know what they want, and it’s become my mission to help cat owners understand and communicate better with their felines.”

Although much of her “cat magic” comes from her over 25-years of experience, Rita is currently working toward her PhD in Behavioral Psychology. She has also studied Feline Behavior and Psychology with Compass Education Ltd, and is a member of the Institute for Animal Care Education. Her Feline Behavior Counseling services help people better understand their cat companions and find solutions to issues that might otherwise cause a cat to be surrendered to a rescue or shelter. Rita is also a member of the Animal Behavior Society.

A native of Buffalo, New York, Rita lived in the Carolina’s for much of her adult life before spending ten years living in Los Angeles. She enjoyed a successful 22-year career in the computer technology field before dedicating herself full-time to cats and their well being. Rita decided to follow her heart and turn her love for and understanding of cats into a thriving cat sitting and behavior counseling service. She and her staff of dedicated and experienced cat care givers have become quite well known in Los Angeles for their love, patience, and understanding of cat persona, easing the minds of traveling kitty parents.

Rita has now returned to Charlotte, NC as her main place of residence in order to be closer to her family. She comes back to Los Angeles several times a year to meet with the LA staff and catch up with friends.

From 2005 until 2008, Rita was heard live weekly as an on-air personality and Associate Producer of the “Lighten Up with Richard Simmons” show, heard exclusively on Sirius Satellite radio station Stars 102. You can also see her in Richard’s “Party Off the Pounds” workout DVD, and his “Love Yourself and Win” DVD, which she also Associate Produced. You can also see Rita in Richard Simmons’ new video series entitled Project Hope.

Pet love runs deep in Rita’s family. Her mother, Mary Reimers, is founder and president of The Humane Society of Lancaster, South Carolina, where Rita is a volunteer.

Rita is also Owner and CEO of Just For Cats Pet Sitting, with locations in Beverly Hills, CA and the soon-to-be-opened location in Charlotte, NC.