Bringing Home Baby

by Rita Reimers

Adopting a kitten is a happy and exciting time. You’ve found just the perfect little bundle of fluff and now you are preparing to bring him home. Especially for the first-time kitty parent, knowing what to expect from your kitten’s first days in your home will help you better prepare for his arrival.

Give Kitty Time to Adjust. Once you get your new kitten home, he may feel overwhelmed and scared, and he may try to hide under a bed where you can’t interact with him. After all, he’s just been taken from what is probably the only home he’s ever known. He doesn’t know you or this new environment. It’s best to start him off in a small room, such as a bathroom, where you can visit with him in a quiet place and he can’t hide away. Bring some toys and treats, talk in soothing tones, and let him adjust to his surroundings and begin to feel comfortable with you before you let him explore the whole house. This could take just a few hours or several days.

Prepare A Quiet Place. Put his litter box and food in a quiet place where your kitten will be undisturbed and that he can get to easily. Putting the litter box near Fido’s dog bed is probably not an ideal set up. Be sure to keep the food and litter separated; cats do not like to eat near their litter boxes.

Kitten-Proof Your House. Many hazards lurk in your home, especially for curious kittens. Get down on his level and take a good look around. Make sure there are no buttons, twist ties, or anything else lying around that he may decide to eat. Keep strings and ribbons put away too, as ingesting these items could cause serious health problems or could prove fatal. Keep in mind that kittens are extremely high-energy, and will play with whatever they can reach. Put breakable knick knacks up high to prevent breakage. Likewise put your plants in a place that’s out of reach, too. Some plants are toxic to cats, and he may decide to have a taste!

Two are Better. When it comes to kittens, two are better than one, and will be easier for you, too. Kittens are bundles of boundless energy, and having a buddy to play with will keep your kittens well adjusted. As your kittens get older, those cute little play nips won’t feel so cute to you. Having a kitten buddy to rough house with will enable them to use those natural play behaviors on one another instead of on your hands and feet. Also if you work outside the home, your kittens will be much happier with a friend to spend the day with instead of being at home all day alone.

One last tip: be sure to spoil your new kittens with plenty of love and affection, and they will become your happy little companions for life.


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