Happy Birthday, Dear Sadie

by Rita Reimers

sadies heart pet griefThis isn’t the best photo of my darling, Sadie. But I love it anyway. It was taken on her first birthday, March 17, 2003.

As what would have been her 12th birthday approaches in just a few days, I am again filled with grief that she is not here.

SO much has happened in the 5 years since she passed away suddenly the morning of January 17, 2009. I still consider that day to be the worst of my entire life.

Leaving Los Angeles and that apartment on Blackburn Avenue where she lived a happy but all too short life, then throwing away the sofa on which she and Precious both passed away, was very hard for me to do. I feel like I left her back there, like she is waiting for me to come home to her there. But truly, she is always with me wherever I go.

I’ve always loved cats, but Sadie was so very special. Because of her, I decided to turn my part time pet sitting and dabbling in cat behavior counseling into many thriving businesses: The Cat Analyst, Cats 90210 Los Angeles Cat Sitting, Charlotte Cat Sitting, and parent company Just For Cats Pet Sitting, which will enable me to potentially franchise nationwide. I’ve written a book about pet grief, sharing Sadie’s life and death in my Amazon e-Book Sadie’s Heart; Loving and Losing Our Feline Companions. For the last few years, I’ve been writing my long-awaited cat behavior counseling book, “Oh Behave! The Cat Analyst’s Approach to Feline Behavior Correction,” which I hope to release this summer.

Most of all, thanks to you, my Sadie, I became involved in animal recue, volunteering with many rescue groups in both California and North Carolina, and starting Heart of Hope Cat Sanctuary, which I hope pray I can to turn into a thriving non-profit whose mission will be to save the lives of senior kitties that are last on the the list to get adopted.

Because you’ve inspired all these things, I will be forever in your debt, Miss Sadie. But I would give anything and everything if you were still here with me instead…

Love and miss you,


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