How the Economy Affects Our Cats

by Rita Reimers

On a cold and rainy day like today, I can’t help but think of all those homeless kitties living outside, unable to come in from the elements, unable to find food, unable to find warmth, unable to find love.

More cats than ever before are homeless, in part due to this economy. It’s one thing to think of the feral cats living outside; they are (somewhat) used to it.  But I look at my own ten felines lying around me and wonder, “how would you ever have made it if you were living out there?” 

Unfortunately, many people are finding themselves in a position to make painful choices about what they can, and cannot, afford. Often, the family pets lose. Thinking they are doing the “right thing” for Fluffy, many people decide to put their cats outside to live, thinking they will be able to fend for themselves. The truth is, there is a world of difference between a feral cat, one who has street smarts and hunting skills, and the cats we let sleep on our beds with us at night. Your housecat is not used to being out in the cold, is not physically fit, probably cannot hunt, and definitely isn’t savvy enough to handle a fight with a street cat, a dog, or, worse, a coyote.

Ideally, pet ownership is a lifetime commitment. However, if you find yourself in circumstances that are forcing your to give up your cat, the best thing you can do is to research the internet first.  There are many organizations that will help people in need by providing cat food and low-cost veterinary care, so take a little time to search for the ones in your city. If you still cannot keep you kitty, many shelters, while at capacity, will attempt to find room for your cat if at all possible. Some require a donation, as taking care of a great number of animals is costly even for them.  A better solution might be to ask friends and family to temporarily give your cat a home until you are in a position to take her back. 

Your cat will thank you for it.

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