It’s a Lifetime Commitment

by Rita Reimers

I am compelled to write to you about a very serious subject today. For the 6th time in recent months, someone I know, a client, is choosing to dump their cats because they are moving in with someone. In this case, the other person has dogs, so the dogs get to stay but the cats must go. One of the cats is deaf, too. I just don’t understand it…

Taking on the responsibility for an animal, whether it’s feline or canine, is a lifetime commitment. It’s not a commitment that is disposable when it no longer suits your purposes or your lifestyle. To me, the commitment is the same as if you had a child. Animals, like children, are helpless beings that are not able to fend for themselves. They depend on us to love them, give them food, give them shelter, and to protect them for their entire lives. In return they love us more unconditionally than any other being on the planet possibly could. We are their very world, and to abandon them is just unconscionable.

As for me, if anyone wanted to set up housekeeping with me and it was conditional upon my giving up my kitties, they would be looking for a new girlfriend. My cats go with me; we are a packaged deal. Case closed!

Please, before you adopt a pet, think about it very carefully. It is a 10 to 15 year (or more!) responsibility. If you cannot commit to it for life, then don’t adopt a pet! If you’ve already adopted a pet, please take your responsibility for that little life to heart. There are so many unwanted lonely animals out there already. Giving up your pets is tantamount to a death sentence for them.


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