Losing Our Kitty Loved Ones

by Rita Reimers

Losing our Kitty friends is a sad but inevitable part of our relationships with them. It’s been 3 years now since I lost my beloved Sadie kitty, and almost a year since my 17-year-old Precious left us last Easter Sunday, yet the pain of their loss is as fresh as yesterday.

Sometimes our friends and family want so badly to see us happy again that they dismiss our feelings and try to force us past the grief before we are really ready to move on. After I lost Sadie, I wrote about her and her illness while the grief of her loss was still very fresh. It’s my hope that sharing my raw emotions and experience loving and losing my sweet Sadie will help someone else who is coping with the loss of their pet to feel a little less alone.

If you are dealing with the loss of a pet, I hope you will consider reading my ebook. You can find it by clicking here: Sadie’s Heart. Proceeds from the sale of this ebook will go toward the opening of our Cat Sanctuary, Heart of Hope Cat Center.

After you read about Sadie, I would be honored if you would share your own story with me and let me know if sharing my Sadie’s story has helped you.

baby Sadie


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