Put Your Cat on The Analyst’s Couch – Cats 90210/The Kat Lady Announces New Name for Feline Behavior Counseling

Beverly Hills, CA, February 1, 2010, For Immediate Release – Kat Lady Enterprises is proud to announce the re-branding of their Feline Behavior Counseling services under the name “The Cat Analyst.”

“For years people have been calling me the real cat whisperer,” says Rita Reimers, Feline Behaviorist and CEO of The Cat Analyst Feline Behavior Counseling and parent company Kat Lady Enterprises. “We began using the real cat whisperer as our brand name, but I was never very happy with it. The term ‘whisperer’ has been done to death; what does it really mean?”

Clients agree that the new name, The Cat Analyst, is more depictive of the services Rita and her team provide.

Iris Goldman, long time client, loves the change. “I love the new name. No one understands cats better than Rita and her staff. Rita has ten cats of her own, so she has experienced the same issues many cat owners face.”

“You can just picture your cat lying on the analyst’s couch,” says Rita, “and the term ‘analyst’ leaves no room for doubt about what we do. We help a cat owner assess their cat’s behavior and uncover the root cause of the problem. Then we work with them to get things back under control.”

What’s Rita’s motivation?

“It’s simple; too many cats are abandoned because owners don’t know what else to do. That is unacceptable to me. Animals are like children, the responsibility is for life and I am hopeful that I can help more cat owners live up to this commitment by giving them affordable help.”

There is a word of caution from Rita: “Medical issues must first be ruled out by a veterinarian. The best behavior counseling in the world will not solve an issue borne of a medical problem, and could put your cat’s health at risk. So the first thing we ask is if your cat has seen a veterinarian. You must do that first; we can offer assistance after medical causes have been ruled out.”

For additional information, please contact Rita Reimers at 424-777-9967 or visit www.thecatanalyst.com.

About The Cat Analyst, Cats 90210 Los Angeles Cat Sitting, divisions of Kat Lady Enterprises

About The Cat Analyst and Cats 90210 Los Angeles Cat Sitting

Cats 90210 Los Angeles Cat Sitting has been providing professional cat sitting services in the Beverly Hills area since 2003. The Cat Analyst, Rita Reimers, offers Feline Behavior Counseling Services nationwide. She is currently writing a book entitled “The L.U.C.K.Y. C.A.T. Approach to Deepening Your Bond with Your Cat.”


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