Professional Pet Sitters Give You Peace of Mind

by Rita Reimers

Cat Sitter Rita Reimers and her cat, Trouble

A question I am sometimes asked by potential clients is “Why should I use a professional pet sitter to care for my cat? Can’t I just throw down some food and litter and leave for a few days? Can’t I just let my friend, family, or a neighbor stop by and feed my cat?”

Let me address the second question first. Friends, family, and neighbors may mean well, but they have other things to do with their time. At most they will stay a few moments, feed your cat, and then leave without paying much attention to her. Cat care is not uppermost on their minds.

On the other hand, the focus of a professional pet sitter is dedicated solely to the care and well being of your cat. I’ve heard plenty of stories from people who entrusted the care of their cats to well-intended friends, only to find that their cats either didn’t receive their required medication, or they made a mess in the house that wasn’t cleaned up, or, even worse, ended up at the vet because they became ill.

Your professional pet sitter is there to see the signs of a potential health problem with your cats, to give them any medication required, to feed your cats, clean up after them, and most of all to give them lots of love and affection, too. Many will communicate with you daily through emails, text messages, phone calls, or even photos and videos as we do at Just For Cats Pet Sitting.

Now back to that first question, “Can’t I just leave my cat alone without a cat sitter for a day or two without issue?” The answer is NO. Cats can get sick and decline rather rapidly, or they can get themselves into a predicament inside your home while they are alone. If no one came by to care for them, your cat could be ill or in danger for many days. Please read Laddie’s Story for an example of how rapidly a cat in the care of a pet sitter friend of mine became deathly ill, and how he was saved only because we rushed him to the vet. Additionally, animals, yes even cats, need lots of care, love and attention, and your professional pet sitter there to provide quality cat care for your precious felines.

Why not use cat boarding facilities, you might be asking. While there are many excellent cat boarding facilities that provide good cat care, they can be quite costly, especially if you have more than one cat. The cost of cat boarding can be at least DOUBLE the price of a home visit from a professional pet sitter. Additionally, when you use a cat boarding facility you also have to worry about getting your cat into a carrier, driving them to the place, often the day BEFORE your trip, then picking them back up again once you return home. More importantly, cats are territorial creatures, and boarding adds stress to their delicate systems. You may come home to a very sick, and unhappy, kitty cat.

Take your next vacation or business trip with the peace of mind that using a professional pet sitter can bring. Caring for your cat’s well being is our primary concern. Working in partnership with you, we will keep your cat safe, healthy, and happy until you return home to greet them.

Please visit our websites to learn more about our cat sitting services, and read what people are saying about Just For Cats Pet Sitting.

In Los Angeles, our flagship location, we are known as Cats 90210 Los Angeles Cat Sitting, and in Charlotte we are Charlotte Cat Sitting. Visit our websites then give us a call at 310-734-6918 in Los Angeles or 704-970-9502 in Charlotte, and set up your FREE get acquainted meeting with one of our wonderful cats-only pet sitters.

Rita Reimers
Cat Behaviorist and Founding CEO of Just For Cats Pet Sitting and The Cat Analyst – Cat Behavior Help.

Rita Reimers November 16, 2010 at 4:10 pm

Oh the stories we could tell, it scares me sometimes just who some people entrust with their pets and their homes! Keep up the great work, Leslie!!

Leslie Kaufman November 16, 2010 at 4:59 am

Rita, it sounds like I wrote this! Thanks for reinforcing the importance of using a professional to care for your felines. I think there is so much attention to dog care that there are people who don’t even know that professional cat sitting exists! I can write a book solely on the experiences people have had with leaving their cats alone for any extended period of time ie more than 24 hours or with those that have asked friends, neighbors, relatives, to step in to care for their cats. Some of the results are not pretty.

I am glad you mention that we are vigilant and know what to look for to ensure the cat’s welfare and safety are not compromised, as well as their health of course. Unfortunately I have been told by people that their 9 year old neighbor cares for their cats! How can a 9 year old be vigilant about changes in behavior or litterbox habits, for example? Very disconcerting.

On the other hand, I have clients who have not traveled for years because they were concerned about leaving their cats behind. After meeting us, they finally have the peace of mind they need to travel, and travel, and travel!


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