Sadie’s Heart, Loving and Losing our Beloved Cat Companions

by Rita Reimers

Rita Reimers, Owner of Cats 90210 Professional Cat Sitting Service (, lost her beloved Sadie kitty in January of 2009. After spending a week in bed, filled with pain, guilt, and grief with nowhere to turn to find other people who have been through it, she decided to write a book about the experience.

A sequel to “Sadie’s Heart”, the book “Sadie’s Heart Two” will be a collection of stories about the love and loss of our beloved cat companions. It is a book meant to warm the heart and uplift the spirit in the face of profound sadness and loss, and it’s goal is to help others feel less alone and guide them beyond the grief to remember the love and joy their kitties leave behind. 

Would you like your story to be considered for inclusion in this book or a future book?  Please send a short paragraph outlining your story to Rita. You can mail it to Sadie’s Heart, c/o Rita Reimers, 9663 Santa Monica Blvd, Ste 245, Beverly Hills CA 90210, Email it to, or fax it to 310-893-6320. Be sure to include your email address and phone number so she can contact you.



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