Weruva is KING for finicky kitties. It’s Paw Lickin’ Good!

by Rita Reimers

I have a houseful of cats, as you no doubt know by now. They range in age from the nearly 6-month-old Peanut to 15-year-old Precious, ten in total. The problem is they don’t always like the same food. Imagine me at meal time with 10 mouths meowing as 20 eyes look up at me, begging me to please feed them something yummy. I can almost hear them say “Please, Mommy, give me something I will love tonight, please please please!” Although we finally got them all on the same good quality hard foods (BG and Royal Canin Selective), they have still been eating Fancy Feast canned food, which I know it not the most nutritionally complete. Not all of them will eat the same type either; 4 of them eat only the grilled variety, 3 of them only the gourmet, and the other 4 like a bit of both on their plates. And sooner or later, they will decide to stop eating flavors that they used to love, leaving me perplexed as to what in heaven’s name to feed them!

As I was lamenting my problem at a local petfood store, the salesperson there recommended that I try Weruva brand canned cat food. He told me that the most finicky cats love this food. I have heard that before about some other brands, so I was a bit skeptical, especially when I saw the $1.89 price on the 5.5 ounce can. I figured I would need 3 of these per meal and I feed my cats canned food three times a day! I love my cats though, and the thought of them turning up their noses at another meal was too much for me to take, especially now that we were through that massive illness I had (see August 24th post). SO I bought a few cans and thought that I was probably wasting my money.

I got home and decided to try the Weruva at their mid day meal. The moment I opened these cans, I had a kitchen full of cats at my feet. Even the ones who usually wait for me to bring the plates to them were coming into the kitchen. I opened the Grandma’s Chicken Soup flavor, and it actually looked like something I would eat. It is human grade food so in theory you CAN eat it yourself. It even smelled good. The food is very solidly packed so two cans was enough to split among my 10. They didn’t just eat it; they inhaled it! My most finicky cat, a 5-year-old Maine Coon named Abby who suffers from IBS, went around to all the other plates as each cat finished, and she licked the plates so clean that they hardly looked as if they ever had any food on them! The next morning we tried the Mack and Jack flavor, and again we had an instant hit! I ran back to the petfood store and bought a case of Mack and Jack and a case of Paw Lickin’ Chicken, the latter being their favorite one at the moment.

It is expensive though, and with so many feline mouths to feed I cannot give it to them at every meal. I give it to them in the morning, and the mid day and evening feedings we revert to Fancy Feast. Four of them will sometimes eat Eagle Rock brand, but not always, and I dearly wish I could afford to give them Weruva exclusively. I wrote to Weruva and told them how much my cats love it and lamented a bit about the price. Stacy Forman herself, who founded Weruva with her husband David, wrote to me the very next day to tell me about a less expensive line that have created called Best Feline Friend, www.bestfelinefriend.com.  So far I have not been able to locate it here in Los Angeles; although I can find it online, the shipping cost would outweigh any savings over the original Weruva brand, but as soon as I locate it I will have my cats review it for you!

Please visit www.weruva.com. This is a company with a feline heart, providing a “Cat House” and loving care for some of the homeless cats in their area. Do give Weruva a try and see if your picky kitties love it as much as mine do!

Rita August 30, 2009 at 2:23 pm

Iris, As long as you are feeding them a complete hard food, which I know you are, if she is also eating hard food along with the Fancy Feast appetizers, she’ll be getting all the nutrients she needs and will be ok… If you are still worried, you could try mixing a small amount of the other wet food in with the appetizer food and see if she’ll eat it. If she does, you can gradually increase the ratio until she is eating about half and half… Let me know if that works… As for Screamie screaming, well that’s just her, that’s why you named her that lol!!! It’s so cute, but not at 5am huh! Rita

Iris G August 30, 2009 at 9:59 am

Today I’m off to get my little Screamer her appetizer treats. She loved them so much, and now she doesn’t want to eat any of the Friskies. Once they get used to something, it is hard to bring them back. She has been bringing me toys all morning, and doing her “Screamie” screaming! HELPPPPPPPPP!!!! The appetizers are not complete meals …

Rita August 29, 2009 at 8:44 pm

Oh mine still love the Fancy Feast, so their cheap taste is still in tact! but they seem do enjoy this Weruva even more. I tried the Talapia flavor and they all flipped out over it!

Iris G August 29, 2009 at 12:04 am

My kitties liked Mack and Jack the best, but really loved the new appetizers from Fancy Feast. What can I say … my cats have distinctive “cheaper” taste!


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